Hardwood Grades & Lengths

The key to a great looking floor is noticed in the consistency and uniformity throughout the grading. Our exceptional grades far exceed those established by industry standards and will create an impressive room. 

Our boards are the longest average lengths in the flooring industry! 

Superior Hardwood Flooring produces the longest average board lengths available in the hardwood flooring industry. At lengths up to 90”* this translates to a more beautiful floor surface and streamlined installation. Our average lengths vary between each grade, discover the natural wood look that fits your style!

Premier  |  Select  |  Heritage  |  Rustic




Premier Grade highlights some colour variation that is found in natural wood. However, the overall look of this floor is exceptionally clean because the Premier Grade does not contain character marks, pin knots, open knots, mineral streaks, stains, or checking. 

Available in: Solid Hardwood and 1/2" and 3/4" Engineered Hardwood

Board Lengths: Solid Hardwood - 9” to 90", 1/2" Engineered Hardwood - 9" to 84", 3/4" Engineered Hardwood - 9" to 84" (up to 90" in select species)  

Maple / Natural / Original Series / Premier
Hard Maple / Natural / Smooth / Premier



Select Grade features all of wood’s natural features: colour variation, mineral streaking, limited pin holes and small surface knots and checking. This creates a floor that is full of visual texture. Neither filled nor open knots are found in this grade. 

Available in: Solid Hardwood and 3/4" Engineered Hardwood

Board Lengths: Solid Hardwood - 9” to 90", 3/4" Engineered Hardwood - 9" to 90"

Maple / Natural / Original Series / Select
Hard Maple / Natural / Smooth / Select



Heritage Grade flooring has all the features of Select but also includes an allowance for pin holes, checking, heavy mineral streaking and large filled knots that can be up to two inches in diameter. Every Heritage Grade floor is uniquely different making it a great choice for those who want an extraordinary and diverse floor full of character.

Available in: Solid Hardwood and Enhanced Hardwood

Board Lengths: Solid Hardwood - 9” to 90", Enhanced Hardwood - 9" to 90"

Maple / Natural / Original Series / Heritage
Hard Maple / Natural / Wire Brushed / Heritage



Offers the same distinctive look and qualities as Heritage Grade, however features a different cut allowing for pith from the middle of the tree to become visible creating a highly organic look.

Available in: 3/4" Engineered Hardwood

Board Lengths: 9" to 90"

Maple / Natural / Original Series / Heritage
Ash / Fog / Wire Brushed / Rustic

Superior Note: Due to natural textures of knots in the Rustic and Heritage grade, there will be voids in certain character knots