Here are some of the most common questions people ask us. If you don't see the question you have on the list below, please contact us and we answer any of your questions.

Dry dusting is the prefered method of cleaning your floors.  Polishing with products that contain wax will only build up dulling the finish.  You should only use a product recommended for hardwood floors.

Many people today are turning to newer finishes on old floors that do not require hard work to maintain. However, the biggest obstacle is removing the old waxes first as any new finish will not bond properly.

Testing for waxed finishes is as simple as applying some water droplets to the floor. If the water beads, your finish is wax. Waxed floors are often a maintenance headache, requiring more care than that of newer oil and Superior Flooring water based finishes.

For floors that haven't been coated heavily with wax an odor free mineral spirits can be applied to a steel wool pad placed on the bottom of a floor buffer. If the floors are beveled, hand scraping will be required to remove buildup in crevices. Follow up cleaning is vital to make sure the waxes have been removed. A thorough floor cleaning with mineral sprits and clean rags at least twice is recommended.

Larger heavily waxed floors may require very rough sanding with a drum sander. Professionals differ on what sanding grit should be used with some as low as 36.  What also may be unknown is what was under the wax. Older shellac finishes may be under years of wax buildup.

Once a week is normal, however heavy traffic areas should be cleaned more often to avoid tracking dirt and grit through your house which will scratch the floors.

Preferably products that are specifically for hardwood flooring. We recommend Bona products designed for cleaning hardwood floors, environmentally friendly and available at most retail outlets.

We do not recommend water, oil soaps or any products on the market even if they are advertised as being safe for hardwood.

This is likely caused from using products not recommended for wood floors, such as oil soaps.

It is very important when purchasing products to be used on your hardwood floors that you carefully read the instructions.  Remember, you never want to soak your wood floors with any kind of liquid.