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Stains &
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Colour Matching Products

We offer a selection of stain available for order from our suppliers. Whether you need to match custom trim, railings, or other wood elements in your house or just need to make a quick repair we have a solution that will meet your needs.


Quarts of stain

Quarts of stain are available in all of our standard colours. One quart will cover approximately 150sqft of wood.

For best results, all stained surfaces should be finished with a top coat of clear drying water-based varnish. If an oil or hybrid varnish is used the final colour of the surface will yellow over time. We recommend creating a sample swatch before applying the stain and varnish to the final surface to ensure colour accuracy and compatibility between the products used.


Touch-up Markers

Our touch-up markers can be ordered in any of our standard available colours. They are ideal to repair and hide the small scratches in the surface of your flooring that are caused by accidents and wear-and-tear that may occur overtime.