Monday, November 6, 2017

Your feet grace the floor as sun beams reflect off the toned hardwood. The warm glow in the room settles within you. This wooden base establishing a foundation for rooms and halls that invoke conversation, contain laughter and emit life. A floor nothing short of Superior.

Consider the depth of the hardwood that is or could be in your home. Go beyond the colour and species laid out there. While these two more obvious aspects can assist in setting the tone and feeling you desire, more is to be discovered.

The type of stain and type of finish used can enhance the aura and natural beauty of wood. Often times the stain used on floors detracts from the original rustic appeal of the wood because it’s base is styled like paint. While this may hide minor imperfections and evens out the colour tones on poor quality lumber, we can side step this stain and use a water clear finish.

Through use of our quality lumber we can produce flooring where there are less colour variations and natural imperfections. The result of coating it in the water clear finish we use is a vibrant floor that looks alive with natural colour and depth.

Superior Finish

Pickup a sample of our flooring and compare it to any other manufacturer's flooring.  You will immediately notice that the finish on our products is exceptionally clear.  This obvious clarity helps to enhance the natural beauty of wood by bringing out the richness and vibrancy.  Our Aluminum Oxide finish is made of 7 layers of lacquer which is the perfect balance between durability and clarity, while still maintaining the natural characteristics of the wood.   

Superior Stewardship
Superior Flooring takes pride in knowing that all our products are made in a manner that is safe for our environment and people both at the time of manufacturing and throughout the useful life of our flooring.   There are virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emitted from our Water Clear Finish during the application process or afterwards.  The finish material is also free of formaldehyde, isocyanate or other hazardous air pollutants.   Our coatings are cured by UV light and are therefore 100% reactive which means that they don’t contribute significantly to ground level air pollution like common spray applications with organic solvent coatings.

Superior Warranty
Lastly and most importantly, you can rest assured that our Water Clear Finish will stand the test of time.  Superior’s Water Clear finish is impervious to most household chemicals and is guaranteed to last an impressive 35 years in a normal household setting.  We guarantee within that time, your finish layer will not wear through or peel away from the wood.