Friday, September 1, 2017

What is as thoughtful as a handmade gift? When someone puts time and energy into a gift for you it shows an investment in your life. Our hand scraped flooring is no different.

This authentic hand scraped hardwood flooring becomes a timeless conversational piece amidst your room. Each board is meticulously texturized by our associates in Mexico, and their investment in the product is evident in the hardwood we carry.  This “old-fashioned” way of producing hand scraped hardwood allows for a unique handmade appeal that is not matched by the current day machines typically used by flooring manufacturers.  

The crown of achievement that sets our hand scraped flooring apart is the epoxy filler that is used to meticulously fill each knot.  This durable filler is flexible enough to move with the hardwood flooring and strong enough to last longer than the flooring itself.  Because the filler is scraped back off and textured through the hand-scraping process, it becomes a part of the floor and looks like it was there from the beginning.  

Our Associates at Our Mexican Factory 

Currently there are 21 people working at our factory in Mexico. Positions at this factory are enviable jobs due to the high quality of treatment received. Employees enjoy their employment immensely and receive multiple benefits. They are paid double the minimum wage received in the area where the plant is located and have health care for themselves and their families.  A pension plan through Instituto Mexicano Del Seguro Social is also extended to employees.  Unlike many locations in Asia, Mexico does have what we would call a labour board (Unión Nacional de Trabajadores) which ensures that all of the employees at our plant have contracts, are working in safe conditions, are of legal working age, and are being paid properly, etc. In order to be hired on at this plant, applicants must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years.

An additional benefit of working at the plant include an employee of the month program in which employees have the opportunity to be rewarded for the hard work they put into making our hand-scraped products. Added on to that, a perk many employees would list is being part of the sports teams that are sponsored by the company. 

Our Mexican employees celebrating the shipment of their 100th container of Canadian made hand scraped flooring.