A Historic Mill

Just outside the small rural town of Rockwood Ontario on a quiet country road surrounded by nature, sits a state of the art manufacturing facility.   It is here at Herwynen Saw Mill that our quality pre-finished solid hardwood flooring is created under the Trademark name Superior Flooring.

The history of our mill and our experience and dedication to the craft of milling, creates a hardwood flooring like no other in the industry.

The Art of Drying 
Our higher grade lumber comes to us pre-cut and is then dried in our kilns for up to 40 days.

Experienced People
Highly qualified personnel monitor the kilns to ensure the best ratio of dryness to moisture content for each type of wood, therefore giving a more stable finished product.

Precision Milling
Precision milling on state-of-the-art equipment ensures uniformity and a perfect fit of tongue and groove joints.  All Superior hardwood products have a four side micro-bevel edge.  The micro-bevel allows for the floor boards to fit together as tightly as possible, creating a more polished, impressive flooring finish for you.