How to Measure for Hardwood Flooring

When measuring a space for your hardwood flooring, measure the room from wall to wall at the longest point in each direction, rounding your final dimensions up to the highest number.  Be sure to include any closet spaces in your calculations.  You want your wood flooring to flow into the closets, in order to create an optimal visual flow in the appearance.

Be sure to account for all the trim and transition pieces you will require when completing your hardwood flooring projects. Take into consideration:

  • Thresholds
  • Trim
  • Foyers
  • Meeting tile or vinyl/material change

When measuring for transition pieces expect the same overage as you would with flooring. On average the waste factor you should add on to your order is estimated at 5%.  This overage will allow for slight miss-measurements, mistakes and should provide some excess boards for future replacements if required.