Defining The Industry

We take pride in providing the utmost quality to the consumer market. From forest to factory-finished product, the highest levels of quality control are implemented throughout all operations. Our company name truly defines our product, our people, and our place in the competitive hardwood flooring industry.



4 Grades - Unlimited Styles

Grading is a means of rating boards according to variations in the wood’s natural colour. With 4 different grades of hardwood we give you an incredible array of options to choose from.

Our Board Grades

The Longest Average Board Lengths In The Industry

Our longer board lengths result in a floor that is more uniform, more even, and has less joints than any other flooring provider.

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Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the world around us is crucial. We are committed to making a product that not brings the warmth of nature in to your home, but helps protect our planet and forests for future generations.

How We Help Protect The Environment


NWFA Certified

Superior Hardwood Flooring by Herwynen Saw Mill is the only manufacturer in the world to consistently be certified under the rigorous guidelines for machining, moisture content, grading, gloss level, finish, colour, board length, warranty and packaging.

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35 Year Warranty

Superior Hardwood Flooring offers an incomparable warranty on the finish of our flooring. Because we subject our floors to the strictest quality control measures we confidently warranty the finish wear layer of our pre-finished hardwood flooring for an unprecedented 35 years.

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