Planning a Renovation

Installing a new hardwood floor can add warmth and rejuvenate a living space.  Creating a fresh new living area in your existing home is simple when you take the time to properly prepare your existing surface.

When installing new hardwood flooring as part of a home renovation, it is imperative to make sure your subfloors are prepared properly prior to installation.  Any squeaks or imperfections on your sub layer should be corrected and addressed before laying the new floor.  The base should have a thorough inspection for any loose areas requiring additional attention. 

If you have squeaky areas in your sub floor take care of these before it's too late. Over time, plywood will loosen from the floor joists, so make sure they are snug. Decking screws work the best to keep both the joist and the sub-floor tight against one another. For minor raised areas, an edger will work well.  If there are severe high spots in your sub floor, you may have to remove the sub floor and repair the floor joists.

Once the sub-floor is sanded and leveled you should now have the perfect surface to support and showcase your new flooring.  Preparation is the key to a successful installation.