About Ash

The Ash tree grows rapidly, adapts to almost any conditions and is low maintenance. Ash wears well and scratches and dents are less noticeable than in other species. There is a strong grain pattern in the Ash and this hides natural imperfections well. There is a lot of natural colour variation from a pale straw colour, to a dark brown, which gives it a livelier appearance than maple.

Superior Flooring by HSL WILL NOT warranty these products unless the products are kept at a relative humidity of 35% to 50% before and after installation. These products do NOT need to be acclimatized to their environment.


Ash wood can have a significant range of colours from pale straw to a dark brown. The sapwood of ash is creamy white, while the heartwood ranges from a light tan to dark brown.


The grain is bold and straight, with an occasional wavy pattern. Overall, ash has a strong grain pattern, which is accentuated with the application of darker stains. Similar to oak, it has a busier appearance than an equivalent maple stained floor.


Moderately heavy, hard, strong, quite elastic and tough with good shock resistance, good dimensional stability, resistant to decaying. The dimensional stability is considered above average and is more stable than red oak.


Ash has a Janka rating of 1320 which is slightly harder than oak. Dents and scratches are less visible on ash flooring, because the strong grain pattern disguises any imperfections it has gained through life.

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