Superior Lengths – Why It Matters

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Going to your local flooring store can be daunting. We all set out to find the best products within our budgeted price range and walk into a showroom to be overwhelmed by the number of products available, each boasting of “high-quality.” The typical thought process is to begin narrowing down options by comparing colour, texture and price, but don’t be so quick! Pause and consider these next seemingly small factors that make all the difference for an installed floor.

Let’s examine the board length of your hardwood flooring. In our opinion, this is actually one of the most important factors when it comes to determining the overall look of your floor. We get excited about board length! In our early days we used the slogan “Longest Lengths in the Industry,” because it described so well what we were able to offer you and we are proud of it. Our Solid Hardwood and Enhanced Engineered products come in lengths from 9” up to 90” while our Superior Engineered products come in lengths from 9” up to 84”! If you want to see and compare ask your local flooring store to open a box for you; the difference is obvious. We promise to box our product with an assortment of board lengths to give your flooring a distinguished look (see more on this below). Keep in mind that our boxes are longer than most on the market, so any minor inconvenience you may experience getting the product home will be greatly offset by the years of enjoyment and natural look it will bring to your room.

What’s the difference between fixed and random length?

Fixed length flooring is the standard in many flooring products including some hardwood and engineered flooring. With fixed length products, the boards are consistently 1, 2 or 3 different lengths. The result is a very uniform and consistent looking floor that doesn’t have the natural look and feel of a random length floor. Another issue with fixed length floors is that it becomes difficult to avoid a recognizable pattern developing on your flooring, which makes it look artificial and cheap. Finally, because the boards are cut to specific lengths, there is increased waste because defects can’t be cut out as easily.

Random length flooring is when your board lengths are not predetermined in manufacturing and differ from row to row and box to box. Superior Flooring’s boards can be any length between 9” and 90”. A random length floor produces a more attractive and genuine looking floor that fills your room with drama giving it that ‘wow’ factor you are looking for. The best part is that the odd short board amongst all those long lengths helps to highlight the longer ones. Imagine standing in your kitchen and there’s a 7” x 84” board running right down the centre of the room. Stunning? Yes! The impressive lengths go a long way.

Now you know why we get excited about the lengths of our flooring, but then again who doesn’t when they see it? Lengths matter in flooring, and that’s why we are proud to promote our superior board lengths.