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Superior additions

Superior Flooring offers a variety of add-ons that place the finishing touches on your hardwood floors inside your home. We have made it simple for you to order the remaining pieces to complete your flooring installation. You can now order all components of your flooring directly through us and have it arrive on time with your packaged hardwood flooring.

Airwood Matchables

Skillfully hand-crafted and milled directly from prefinished Superior Hardwood Flooring, Airwood Matchables mouldings are available in our hand-scraped Solid and Enhanced product lines.

Superior Mouldings & vents

Transition your hardwood floor to the other surfaces in your home with superior trim solutions. Superior Flooring offers a variety of mouldings and vents to complete your hardwood installation.

Wood Stain-sm
 stains & repair Markers

Whether you need to repair a small scratch or match a custom moulding to the floor’s stain we have all of our offered colours available in quarts and markers.