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Starting with the finest wood

The quality of our floor begins with the selection of the wood. We carefully choose top quality lumber to mill our planks and Herwynen Saw Mill employs only the finest milling and production practices to ensure a product above and beyond industry competitors. In order to select the finest woods it is important that we fully understand the nuances of each species we work with.

Superior Flooring by HSL WILL NOT warranty products unless the products are kept at a relative humidity of 35% to 50% before and after installation. These products do NOT need to be acclimatized to their environment.

About hardwood species

Each wood specie has its own grain, colour, and veining. Choosing your hardwood flooring depends on your personal preferences for colour and the overall effect you want to achieve. Each wood has it’s own personality and the better you know your wood, the happier you will be when it comes to live with you.


Ash wears well and scratches and dents are less noticeable than in other species. There is a strong grain pattern in the Ash and this hides natural imperfections well. There is a lot of natural colour variation from a pale straw colour, to a dark brown, which gives it a livelier appearance than maple.


Hickory is related to the pecan tree, and once cut it is difficult to tell them apart.  Hickory while not quite as stable as some of the other woods, is quite hard.  The grain of the hickory is closed and tighter together, so if you like the look of a grainy wood, that isn’t as grainy as oak, then Hickory is for you.  It also comes in a wide variety of colour because the sapwood is a white, creamy colour, and can be easily stained. Hickory has a tendency to  take on moisture quicker than other species and therefore must  be installed on delivery.


One of the most common and widely used North American woods, the Hard Maple tree is found in eastern North American. While grown in abundance, it is more expensive to get the pure white sap wood. In flooring, you will get a combination of heart and sap wood in any hard maple. Hard Maple is a very clean looking wood with not much grain at all, and very little colour variation which gives a very consistent look. If you don’t like much grain and want a smooth, even tone to your floor, maple is for you. Hard Maple has a variety of grade combinations in different colours.

Red oak

A popular and attractive looking shade tree, the Northern Red Oak can be found on suburban streets across the North American continent. Red oak has some natural colour variation and has course grain that can be quite straight or end in beautiful cathedrals. If you like your wood with heavy grain patterns and want lots of colour options, then Red Oak is for you. The Northern Red Oak has the widest colour selection of all species. Red Oak wood stains very easily giving you lots of colour options.

White oak

White Oak also know as American White Oak is valued for its density, strength and resiliency and because of its closed cellular structure is preferred for use in furniture, martial arts weapons and interior finishes including hardwood flooring. The White Oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attacks because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain markings making it a great choice for flooring.

Comparing the species