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Having hardwood floors in a home with pets can be a great alternative to carpeting.  Hardwood allows for more efficient tidying up of pet hair and dander, and makes clean up from unexpected accidents easier.  When you share your home with a pet there are some helpful hints to prevent and decrease the wear of your flooring, without sacrificing your furry companion.

  • Avoid spilling pet water, and be prepared to clean up any spills quickly
  • Trim pets nails to avoid surface scratches
  • Designate ‘pet free’ zones
  • Use area rugs and mats in high traffic and play areas
  • Choose a wood species with a higher janka hardness rating

Although several species rate highly on the Janka Scale, any flooring subjected to a high pressure or sharp scrapes will eventually scratch and indent the surface over time.

Surface wear will be Less Evident on:

  • Species with pronounced grain patterns and rich natural colouring - oak, walnut
  • Wood with a low lustre matte or "satin" finish

Surface wear will be More Evident on:

  • Light coloured and finely grained species (maple)
  • A high lustre (gloss or semi-gloss) finish
  • Very dark wood floors, while dramatic, also tend to show dirt and dust more than mid-range or light coloured species