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Red Oak

About red oak

A popular and attractive looking shade tree, the Northern Red Oak can be found on suburban streets across the North American continent. Red oak has some natural colour variation and has course grain that can be quite straight or end in beautiful cathedrals. If you like your wood with heavy grain patterns and want lots of colour options, then Red Oak is for you. The Northern Red Oak has the widest colour selection of all species. Red Oak wood stains very easily giving you lots of colour options.

Superior Flooring by HSL WILL NOT warranty these products unless the products are kept at a relative humidity of 35% to 50% before and after installation. These products do NOT need to be acclimatized to their environment.


The heart and sapwood are similar with sapwood lighter in color; most pieces have a reddish tone slightly redder than white. The grain is open, a little coarser (more porous) than white oak.


Red Oak finishes and stains easily. The open pores absorb more stain, so the grain pattern becomes quite evident when a dark stain is applied to red oak.


When properly dried and treated, oak wood glues well, machines very well, and accepts a variety of finishes.


Red Oak has a Janka rating of 1290 and is commonly referred to as the benchmark when looking at the Janka rating of any wood.