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100% North American and Proud of It

You know that feeling of pride you get when you support your local community, like when you source fresh produce at your local farmers’ market or the contentment you get in finding a truly unique treasure handcrafted from an independent artisan, that is how we feel everyday about our flooring which is entirely sourced in North America and 100% manufactured and finished in Canada.

Our lumber is sourced entirely within North America from the provinces of Ontario or Quebec in Canada and the American Northeast and Mid-West including: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan or Wisconsin. By responsibly harvesting within North America, not only do we have a local product base, but we are also building our economies with local suppliers who employ thousands of people in our communities.  The North American lumber industry is heavy regulated to ensure sustainability and prevent the use of harmful chemicals through the process.

Superior floors start with quality North American timber, and we carry Ash, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut and White Oak tree species. Lumber are then transported to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in rural small town Rockwood, Ontario before being passed off to our pre-finishing line and warehouses located just a short drive away.

We want our buyers to experience that local pride when they select a Superior Flooring product and so we give you this guarantee that our product is 100% sourced, manufactured and finished in North America.