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Superior Lengths That Exceed Industry Standards

Elevate the appearance of your room with Superior’s hardwood flooring. Our average board lengths exceed industry standards and enhance the visual quality of rooms.

Our superior board lengths make a room feel grand and spacious as the longer lengths create more visual continuity over the flooring area. Short boards, in comparison, can cause a floor to look choppy and cheap. As joints cluster together, which is unavoidable with shorter boards, the perpendicular lines start to become more apparent. Visual perspectives with wider boards tend to result in a regular length board appearing shorter than it actually is, so longer boards for a 7” wide floor are integral. Our products avoid these issues with the longer board lengths.

The average board length standard held by National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) and National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s Association (NOFMA) for prefinished wood planks ranges from 22” to 33” depending on grade and board width. Superior consistently exceeds the standards by an average of 12”. This proves our Superior name and the dedication put into going beyond industry standards for average board length in the NWFA/NOFMA Random Length Prefinished Flooring Category. For over a decade we have strived to consistently exceed these quality measures and are incredibly proud of the top quality rankings we obtain bi-annually. 

We source only the highest quality lumber to achieve longer board lengths. With less inherent knots and flaws, we are able to use more of the wood surface creating longer and more beautiful boards.

Our hardwood products speak for themselves – Our oversized boxes accommodate board lengths up to 90” translating to a more seamless floor surface and efficient installation.

To learn more about how Superior Flooring sets itself apart in the industry download our catalogue here.