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2021’s Most Popular Floors

Superior Flooring knows that styles and trends are forever changing. We are continually crafting new colours, textures and styles to keep up with the most current interior design demands.

Our Room Viewer data collected from the past year showed that these were the top 10 products viewed by consumers in 2021.


White Oak - Engineered Flooring - Heritage - Hand Scraped - Yukon White


White Oak - Solid Flooring - Heritage - Wire-brushed - Natural


Hickory - Engineered Flooring - Heritage - Wire-brushed - Natural


Maple - Solid Flooring - Premier - Smooth - Natural


Red Oak - Solid Flooring - Premier - Smooth - Natural


White Oak - Engineered Flooring - Heritage - Rift & Quartered - Wire-brushed - Tundra


White Oak - Engineered Flooring - Heritage - Live Sawn - Wire-brushed - Sandstone


White Oak - Engineered Flooring - Premier - Wire-brushed - Sandstone


Hickory - Engineered Flooring - Premier - Wire-brushed - Boardwalk


Red Oak - Solid Flooring - Premier - Wire-brushed - Driftwood

Looking at these products we can determine a few similarities in what people have been looking for in their preferred flooring.

Many are viewing products within our Heritage Grade lineup. This grade emits more natural characteristics of the wood including knots, mineral streaking, colour variations and checking. It is the perfect choice for those wanting to bring a rustic or nature base into their home or cottage.

Another commonality in the top 10 is texture. Whether it be hand scraped or wire-brushed, customers are looking to add variation in surface texture to their floors for a more natural and rustic look. Overall, the data indicates that in 2021 natural-look flooring with both heritage and character have been the popular choice for new flooring. With the surge in modern farmhouse design and natural subdued palettes, our top 10 viewed products pair perfectly!

Going forward into 2022, the Benjamin Moore colours of the year indicate there will be a continued push into natural tones, especially hues and tints of sage and grey-greens. These colours will anchor well with many of our earthy flooring stains to create a masterpiece in your space.

Benjamin Moore's Colour of the Year 2022

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